Top Animation and VFX Studios in India

Top Animation And VFX Studios In India

VFX can make the audience's experience more engaging and thrilling. It can make a normal scene memorable in a more creative and unique way. Whether it be Hollywood or Bollywood, the magic of visual effects is something that stays in the minds of the audience. Indian VFX is the talk of the town these days domestically as well as globally. With some of the remarkable work by the amazing Animation and VFX studios in India, it is something that is grabbing everyone’s attention and has come a long way.

Started in the year 1930 with the movie Khwab Ki Duniya, the animation and VFX sector in India is witnessing massive growth in the present scenario and is holding around 10% of the market share on a global scale. Moreover, in the upcoming three years, the Indian animation and VFX industry is expected to capture about 25% of the global market share

Overview of the topic

Rise of Animation and VFX in India

1930s-2000s: The story begins

animation work in India

The story of animation and VFX started in the 1930s in India and it has become unstoppable due to its contribution and the enormous impact it has created worldwide. The growth of the industry was not as remarkable in this era. It was in the form of short movies and the concept of green screen technology was not common in that era and people were not familiar with the technologies. 

In the iconic film Mr India we have seen the application of VFX which as the director Shekhar Kapur recalls is one of the most challenging scenes due to the lack of VFX technologies that were used to create better effects. (Source: Economic Times)

The sector grew in the 90s when VFX was used in movies with the adoption of Computer Graphics(CG). India was an outsourcing hub in the 1990s majorly for 2D animation movies and that period was a transition period from 2D animation to 3D.

VFX projects of bollywood in India

After that, the use of VFX was seen in the early 2000s in Bollywood films. Many films such as RaOne, Krish 3, Dhoom 3, Rajinikanth’s Robot, etc included VFX shots and created a major impact on the audience. These movies were most loved by the audience with a positive response. 

Gradually, India became an outsourcing hub for VFX by meeting the VFX needs of other countries. Things started changing after the release of Bahubali in 2015. It was a ground-breaking film with the most used VFX. With its stunning tsunami scene using VFX, it was the first and the finest film that created outstanding scenes using Indian VFX companies. The waterfall shown in the movie was also composed with the use of VFX software.

This was the time when Indian directors and animation studios were collaborating and working on domestic projects. It further boosted the Indian animation industry in technical, creative, and economic aspects.

The use of VFX can be seen in Indian television serials like Devo ke Dev Mahadev, Radha Krishna, Mahabharat, etc. Almost 60% of their set designs are created through VFX. The flying arrows, magical doings, fight scenes, and majestic demeanor have been created with the use of VFX.

VFX in Indian Tv serial

Rise of OTT content and use of VFX

Now, with the rise of OTT platforms, the VFX industry continues to evolve and grow with time. OTT platforms have made a tremendous impact and have shaped the careers of VFX artists. Especially if we talk of the pandemic era when people could not step out to watch movies in theaters and filmmakers were finding it difficult to shoot in outdoor locations, movies were made using VFX. Now OTT platforms are major entertainment sources for people. Some of the popular series that rely highly on VFX include “Stranger Things”, “Game of Thrones”, “Wednesday, “Squid Game”, etc and the list goes on.

animation & VFX in OTT series

In the present, we see the watch time of audiences on OTT platforms has significantly increased and more films and series including VFX shots are being shot and created. 

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Factors promoting the growth of Animation and VFX studios in India 

As we see, there is no pause in the growth of the VFX and animation industry in India. As per the reports by Statista, the Indian animation and VFX industry is expected to value around 190 billion rupees in 2025. As per the forecast, the value of the digital media market is expected to reach 860 billion rupees. (Source: Statista)

Here are some factors that have immense contributed to the growth of the industry-

1. Demand on a global scale

There is a huge demand for Indian studios domestically as well as globally.  Indian CG animators and 3D animators are known worldwide for their extraordinary work and this is the reason why international production houses are outsourcing the work to the Indian VFX studios. 

2. Cost-effectiveness

The labor costs in Western countries are comparatively high as compared to India. Indian animators can easily create the VFX effect in a more budget-friendly manner that would cost more to the production houses in other countries. Moreover, the remaining budget can be utilized for other productive purposes as well.

3. Technological upgradation and innovation

Animation and VFX studios in India have invested in technologies and are using advanced software applications to deliver the finest work. When film production studios get quality work that is budget-friendly, they prefer outsourcing work to animators in India.

4. Boost to Indian economy

There is also a demand for skilled animators in the Indian industry as well. The VFX and animation industry is a booming industry and is anticipated to grow more domestically as well as internationally. The VFX effects are used in diverse entertainment sectors in India such as film, entertainment, gaming, advertising, etc.

5. OTT platforms

The rise of OTT platforms is also one of the factors promoting the growth of animation and VFX studios in India. Animators are delivering quality content by working for these platforms.

Top Animation and VFX studios in India

Animation and VFX studios in India are making their mark globally with their quality stunning work. This blog highlights the top animation and VFX studios in India. The blog doesn’t rank these studios in given order. It just highlights some of the top animation and VFX studios in India.

1. Prime Focus Limited

Prime Focus Limited

It Provides a wide range of media services, including post-production, visual effects (VFX), digital intermediate (DI), and more. It caters to feature films, advertisements, music videos, and television shows.

History: It was founded in 1997 in Mumbai, India, by merging two film industry veterans' companies (Video Works and Video Workshop). It grew from a local player to a global leader in post-production and visual effects. Moreover, it merged with Academy Award®-winning DNEG (known for VFX in "Inception" and "Blade Runner 2049") in 2014, solidifying its VFX prowess.

Notable Works: Their association with DNEG, known for award-winning VFX, further strengthens their impact on the entertainment industry. Some of their exceptional VFX works include “Beauty and the Beast”, “Skull Island” and “Transformers”. Further, they also won Academy awards for their remarkable visual effects work on the movie  “Dune”. 

Location: It is a global company with headquarters in Mumbai, India. It operates in numerous locations worldwide, including major cities like London, Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, Vancouver, and Johannesburg.


2. Prana Studios

Prana Studio

History: Established in 1997 by Namit Malhotra, Prime Focus Limited has grown into one of the largest integrated media services companies in the world. It started its journey as a post-production studio and later expanded into VFX and animation services.

Notable Works: Prime Focus has contributed VFX to numerous Hollywood blockbusters including "Avatar," "The Dark Knight," and "Guardians of the Galaxy." They earned critical acclaim as well as an Academy Award for the best VFX for their work on "Life of Pi".

Location: Headquartered in Mumbai, the studio has a presence worldwide. It has offices in various countries including North America, Asia, and Europe.


3. Reliance Media Works

Realiance Media Works

Reliance MediaWorks (RMW) is a major Indian company with a robust presence in the entertainment as well as film industry. It offers a comprehensive range of media and entertainment services:

  • Film and Media Services: This includes motion picture processing, digital intermediate (DI), film restoration, 3D conversion, visual effects (VFX), and animation.
  • Theatrical Exhibition: They operate a large cinema chain called BIG Cinemas across India and the United States.
  • Television Content Production and Distribution: RMW is involved in creating, generating as well as distributing television content.

History: It was founded in 1975 as Adlabs Films Limited. The company was acquired by Reliance ADA Group in 2005 and renamed Reliance MediaWorks Limited in 2009. Further, it expanded from film production to encompass various media services.  In 2012, they earned the prestigious Academy Award for the “Lowery Process” development. It is a unique system known for tackling the reduction of noises and other disturbances thereby ensuring that the visuals are of high quality. Further, they have also won the National Film Awards in the cinematography category 16 times for their exceptional work in visual effects.

Notable Works: While they might not directly produce films, their services play a crucial role in bringing movies to life. RMW's VFX, animation, and film processing expertise likely contribute to countless Indian and international films. Their BIG Cinemas chain is a major player in the Indian cinema industry, providing a platform for a wide range of films. They've worked on major Hollywood blockbusters like  “Avatar”, “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”, and “The Social Network”.  

Location: RMW is headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. They have a presence across 78 cities in India and international offices in the United States and the United Kingdom.


4. Red Chillies VFX

Red Chilly VFX

Red Chillies VFX is the visual effects (VFX) division of Red Chillies Entertainment, a production company established by Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan and his wife Gauri Khan in 2002. It focuses on creating high-end computer-generated imagery (CGI), animation, and other visual effects for films. Their services cater primarily to in-house productions by Red Chillies Entertainment but have also contributed to other major Bollywood projects.

History: Red Chillies VFX emerged in 2006 as an extension of Red Chillies Entertainment.The studio aimed to elevate the visual effects quality of Bollywood films and compete with international standards.

Notable Works: While details on specific projects outside Red Chillies productions might be limited, their work is evident in films like: "Om Shanti Om" (2007), "Krrish 3" (2013), "Happy New Year" (2014), and "Zero" (2018) likely all benefited from Red Chillies VFX's expertise.

Location: Red Chillies VFX operates out of Mumbai, India, alongside Red Chillies Entertainment's headquarters.


5. Digital Domain

digital domain

Digital Domain is a renowned visual effects (VFX) studio with a focus on innovation and storytelling. They've created groundbreaking visuals for hundreds of movies, commercials, and even video games.

  • History: Digital Domain is a renowned visual effects (VFX) studio founded in 1993 by Hollywood heavyweights James Cameron, Stan Winston, and Scott Ross. Their work on films like "Titanic" and "Apollo 13" helped establish them as a leader in the VFX industry. 
  • Notable Works: They have garnered numerous awards and nominations, including Academy Awards for their work on blockbusters like "Titanic," "Spider-Man: No Way Home," and "Free Guy".
  • Location: Digital Domain is an international company headquartered in Los Angeles, California. They also have studios in Hyderabad, India, and even in Vancouver, Montreal, and several locations across China.



These were the top Animation and VFX studios in India that have made their mark in the animation and VFX industry. I hope, now It is clear that the future of animation and VFX is brighter in India. You can also join the best animation institute in Delhi and learn advanced techniques to be a part of this industry.

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