Best Poster Designers for Bollywood Films

Has any of you have imagine how hard it is to select best movie posters of the year out of several movies produced every year in Bollywood. I have tried to get the best out of all, still there is large number of movies which I have left right now but I wish I will cover them in future.

Here, we take a look at some of the best Bollywood poster designer — a new generation of global talent taking ideas from different cultures and presenting in their design giving a look of their Indian culture.

We present here most famous and successful poster designers of Bollywood films whose have redefined the definition of art.

1. Rajeev Chudasama

He is the co-founder of the Marching Ants and his designing philosophy is based on the fact that it reflects the vision of the film. His key qualities of uniqueness, freshness, and expertisation in designing a Bollywood poster has made him one of the favourite Bollywood designers in the industry. His great work is reflected in Ek Haseena Thi (2004), Blockbuster movie (Om Shanti Om), and Munna Micheal etc.

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2. Akshar Pathak

akshar pathak
akshar pathak1

He is a well renowned graphic designer with various art specializations. He has completed his B. Des. from NIFT. In his spare time he is very interested in making minimalist Bollywood posters in has spare time. He used to recreate the posters of most of the successful movies like Jab we met, 2 States, Wake up Sid, Agneepath, and many more.

Have a look on his minimalist poster designs please:

3. C. Mohan

c mohan

He was popularly known for creating the vintage hand painted movie poster of "Sholay" movie. For creating this unique poster design, he potrayed his brilliancy by focusing on typography using different combination of 3d styled font. His signature is also seen on the bottom right hand corner on this movie poster.

Want to see his more work! Visit this link please:

4. Shraddha Johri

shraddha johri
shraddha johri1

She is popularly known for creating posters of Bollywood movies like 7 Khoon Maaf (2011), Dedh Ishiqua (2014), Student of the Year (2012), and Haider. She got much fame and recognizition for designing the posters of movies based on such intense and mature topics. After seeing 7 Khoon Maaf movie poster it compelled us to think who was the person behind the scene.

Explore her more work:

5. Raj Khatri

raj khatri
raj khatri1

He is the man behind creating one of the iconic poster designs of the decade. He is a creative head at Marching Ants. He created something that is real and created the spirit of the film. He is the real man behind for creating biggest Bollywood blockbuster movie poster Bahuballi. His other work is also shown in different Bollywood movies like Bhaag Milka Bhaag, Agent Vinod, and Kahani2 etc.

Visit his more bollywood posters:

6. Kailash Nayak

kailash nayak
kailash nayak 1

He is an independent artists based in Ahmedabad. He has also worked as a creative head of INIT design studio, Ahmedabad and have designed posters for almost all big film banners of Indian film industry. His philosophy of working is based on the principle -designing is not just designing but its a way of life. He designed posters of movie Dev D, Ganga of Wasseypur, and Pan Singh Tomar etc. Dev D is the film that has one of the best posters that any Bollywood movie have till now and it stands true even 4 years after its release.

Explore his more work:

I, think after reading this article, one can analyses how difficult is the task of a designer to create one of the best and memorable posters for the Bollywood films. However, there are people who made this hard task look rather easy and made a great impact in the field of art and designing.

I hope you all will enjoy watching these Bollywood movie posters, different from the ones you usually get to see around you normally.

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