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Premiere Pro Quiz for Beginners

This quiz helps us to increase our knowledge

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When shooting footage of a person for chroma-keying, which two backgrounds are most commonly used?

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Which image mode is bestfor creating video graphics in Photoshop and importing them into Adobe Premiere Pro?

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Premiere Pro can't automatically saves a backup copy of your project file while you work, in case of system failure.

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Are there any limits to the kinds of clips you can use as a reference for the Track Matte Key effect?

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Premiere Pro project files have the file extension.

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You can use DV and HDV sources with Premiere Pro if your computer has a FireWire port.

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Which panel displays a representation of what your final program will look like?

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For which two reasons should you use a transition?

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You can save any customized workspace by choosing Window > Workspaces > Save as New Workspace.

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What is not a purpose of color grading?

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You can change the font size in the Project panel by clicking the panel menu and choosing Font Size > Small, Medium (default), Large, or Extra Large.

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Which term descirbes text that moves horizontally over footage?

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Which methods could you use to import a single video, image, or audio file into Adobe Premiere Pro?

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Press the ` (grave) key or use the panel menu to restore the Media Browser to its original size. Then switch to the Project panel.

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A tool that allows you to batch process files to produce content for any screen from Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects.

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The Program Monitor (on the right) is for viewing your current sequence.

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Does Premiere Pro CC need to convert P2, XDCAM, or AVCHD footage when it is imported?

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Can you make time-remapping changes directly on the Timeline?

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Which option lets you export a single frame from the source Monitor or Program Monitor panel?

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Premiere Pro is a nonlinear and linear editing system (NLE).

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After Effects Quiz for Beginners

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After Effects is a digital motion graphics and compositing software published by ________.

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A RAM preview allocates enough RAM to play the preview (without audio) as fast as the system allows, up to the frame rate of the composition.

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Use the keyboard shortcut Shift+Ctrl+D to duplicate the layer quickly.

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Alt+Shift+, is shortkey of

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You may need to click a blank area of the Timeline panel or press F4 to deselect layers before you can select an individual layer.

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Option-drag footage item from Project panel onto selected layer Replace source for a selected layer.

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Which property captures the CTI value?

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______________ are Essentially independent timeliness

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Adobe After Effects is primarily used for creating motion graphics and visual effects.

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Which keys use set beginning or end of work area to current time?

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Maxon's CINEMA 4D is known for its ease of use, plugins such as MoGraph and integration with Adobe After Effects.

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A shape layer is simply a layer that contains a vector graphic called a shape.

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Color is an array of 4 values. What is the order?

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Reveal Properties with keyframes

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Which kye use go forward 1 frame?

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What "view" will After Effects render out?

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You can save custom workspaces by choosing Window > View > Workspace > New Workspace.

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Double-click an empty area of the Project panel to open the Import File dialog box.

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Which key use maximize or restore panel under pointer?

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Layers are the components you use to build a group?

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Adobe Illustrator Quiz for Beginners

This quiz helps us to increase our knowledge

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Using which tool we can create a mirror image of the selected object?

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Use of Live Paint group : A group of live regions filled with new colors that maintain a dynamic relationship with each other.

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We can not open PDF file in Adobe Illustrator.

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Which icon must be toggled to make layers visible on/off?

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How many pixels are contained within an image can be calculated using Resolution.

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Line tool is good for free form drawing, we can reshape/ refine the original shape by drawing on top of it. Draws in strokes.

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Lines which can be straight or curved and which also used to connect two points are called:

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Choose a correct Illustrator file extension?

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Which one shortcut key for group?

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Two types of gradients are?

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Compound shape always work Two or more paths that are combined in such a way that holes appear wherever paths overlap.

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Choose Illustrator transformation tool?

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Process of changing a vector based image to a pixel based image called?

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Using Bounding Box we Can change size, width, height, page orientation, unit of measure and color.

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Adobe Illustrator is called _______?

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If we use symbolism tool on an area that has two different symbols applied, which one is affected? The symbol active in the Symbols panel is the only instance affected.

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How we can define blending modes?

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Which of the following is a choice in blend mode?

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When we use shortcut key Ctrl+alt+A, what will happen?

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Shift+A is used to open Live Paint Selection tool.

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Shortcut for the Shape Builder?

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ctrl + alt + 0 (Cmd + 0) used to?

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Shortcut key to save for web in Illustrator is?

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Panel is defined as a group of relaxed command and options.

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Smart Guides is temporary (green) guides that can be turned on and off in view menu and help you to align objects do not print. These work similar to snapping.

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Scale, rotate and reflect tools are Bounding Box.

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For manipulate individual text letters within a word, Touch Type Text tool is used.

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Context Menu works determines the color model used to display and print the Illustrator file.

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Transparency is a color of light that can pass through an object. A transparent object allows objects below to appear.

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Gradient swatches can be altered from the swatches panel.

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Photoshop Quiz for Beginners

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When we try to create a quick mask, then two area not selected is...

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Adjustment layer An additional layer that acts as a color filter: Adjustment layer An additional layer that acts as a color filter:

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How we take a picture of the screen.

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Which tool is used Draws square or rectangular selection borders.

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Eye Sampler Tool duplicates an object or area of an image by setting a target point in one location and painting in another location.

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Aspect Ratio is defined as proportion relationship between an image's width and height.

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How we can edit alpha Channel mask selection:

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Blur filter is used to suggest motion or to soften an image?

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How we can access to available options for brushes, swatches, gradients, styles, patterns, contours, and shapes on photoshop after clicking Icon.

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When we print documents using Photoshop CC, we can choose to let a printer or view manage our colors for the print job.

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Background Layer is special kind of layer, which is used to modify color & contrast.

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Magnetic Lasso Tool draws a selection border that automatically snaps to edges you drag over in the photo.

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The art of arranging type like: letters, numbers and symbols, so that it is pleasing to the eye is called.

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Using which tool we can quickly removes spots and blemishes in a single click:

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Vector Mask created with mathematical implementation, can be re-sized without loss of quality.

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Tracking placing the subject of an image into focus or changing contrast, brightness and cropping an image to highlight the subject.

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Which tool is used to duplicate an object or area of an image by setting a target point in one location and painting in another location:

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Choose the right diagram graphing the number of pixels at each color intensity level in mention options.

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Mixer Brush Tool is used to fill similarly colored areas with the foreground color

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Clone Tool paints with a sample or pattern to repair imperfections in an image.

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Which tool is use to makes notes:

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We can remove red eye in flash photos using Gradient Tool.

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Copying selections: Paste Into → Paste pastes a cut or copied selection into another part of the image or into another image as a new layer.

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How we can change the spacing between two letters of text:

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DNG is Adobe's digital negative format that comes from higher-end digital SLR camera and is a/an non proprietary file format.

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We can use floating panels to customize our workspace, but keeping in mind that that they do not cover our artwork.

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Choose the tool uses to repair imperfections in a selected area of an image using a sample:

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Choose a standard for lossy compression of video and audio:

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To edit a layer mask, you initially sure that...

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