• Course Duration: 1.5 Months
  • Course Type:Diploma Certificate
  • Training Type: Classroom and Online
  • Language: Hindi & English
  • Tests & Projects: Yes
  • Batch Strength: 5-6 Students
  • Class Duration: 1.5 Hours/Day
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Adobe Premiere Pro Course

Overview on the Adobe Premiere Online Course

Adobe Premiere Pro is a powerful program for video editing. Adobe Premiere Pro helps we create dynamic video or film editing. This course helps we understand and work with basic through advanced concepts and features of Adobe Premiere Pro. We will run through a standard series of steps for creating, editing and fine-tuning a series of video pieces. That's why Adobe Premiere Pro Training in Rohini. 

Pre-requisites to join Adobe Premiere Pro Training in Rohini

  • Candidate must have completed 12th 
  • Basic knowledge of computer

What will you learn in Adobe Premiere Online Course?

Introduction to Adobe Premiere Pro

  • Exploring Workspace
  • Increasing the workflow
  • Introduction to Adobe Premiere Pro interface
  • Modifying your workspace
  • Nonlinear editing in Adobe Premiere Pro

Selecting Up a Project in Premiere Pro

  • Knowing Project Settings
  • Understanding Video rendering and playback settings
  • Video and audio display settings
  • Capture format settings
  • Learn to create scratch disks
  • Setting up a sequence
  • Learn to use sequence presets
  • Customizing sequence settings

An Insight to Importing Footage

  • Understanding Supported file formats
  • Importing audio files in Premiere Pro
  • Importing video files
  • Learning to import still images in Premiere Pro
  • Capturing from videotape

Knowing the Process of Importing Photoshop and After Effects Files

  • Importing sequences of Adobe Photoshop files
  • Learn to re-create the lower-third animation
  • Learn to use Dynamic Link with After Effects
  • Importing a file from Adobe After Effects
  • Learn to import animating lower third in After Effects
  • Learn to edit a prevailing dynamically linked animation
  • Knowing changing a clip with an After Effects composition

Exploring Organizing Media

  • Intro to the Project panel
  • Working with bins in After Effects
  • Knowing Monitoring footage
  • Modifying clips

Understanding Fundamentals of Video Editing

  • An insight to tracks
  • Working with Source Monitor
  • Using clips in the Source monitor
  • Learning sequences creation
  • Comprehend essential editing guidelines
  • Learn to navigate the Timeline

Using Clips and Markers

  • Working with markers
  • Relating Source Monitor and Program Monitor
  • Deciding items in an order
  • Applying locks- sync and track
  • Learn to create movement of clips in a sequence
  • Learning clips detachment from an order

Adding Transitions in Premiere Pro

  • Understanding transitions in Premiere
  • Learn points and handles editing
  • Adding and modifying video transitions
  • Working with Fine-tuning transitions
  • Using audio transitions in Premiere Pro
  • Learn to apply transitions to the multiple clips at once in Premiere Pro

Advanced Premiere Pro Editing Techniques

  • Changing the speed or duration
  • Learn the clip replacement in your Timeline with a new shot
  • Learn the footage replacing in a project
  • Knowing nested sequence creation

Understanding Clips in Motion

  • Learn to alter the Motion effect
  • Shifting clip size, position, and rotation in Premiere

Knowing Multi-camera Editing in Premiere Pro

  • Understanding Multicamera process
  • Multicamera sequence creation
  • Learn switching and editing of multiple cameras

Learn Editing and Mixing Audio in Premiere

  • Exploring Audio workspace
  • Knowing the use of Audio Mixer
  • Adjusting clip audio volume and audio clip
  • Learning split edit creation

Adding Video Effects in Premiere Pro

  • Using video effects
  • Knowing browsing the effects with the Effects Browser
  • Learning the process of effects implement and detachment
  • Learn to use effects presets in Premiere Pro
  • Working with keyframing effects

Color Grading and Correction

  • Exploring workspace of Color Correction
  • Working with waveforms and vector scopes
  • Understanding color balance problems

Understanding Compositing Techniques

  • Working with opacity and greenscreen
  • Applying mattes
  • Working with the alpha channel

Exploring Titles, Graphics, and Motion Graphics

  • Knowing templates
  • Working with Titler window
  • Working with shapes and Type Tools
  • Grasping Essentials Graphics
  • Learn to work with shapes and logos

Handling the Projects

  • Working with Project Manager
  • Steps for project management
  • Learn to import sequences or projects
  • Learn to manage your hard drives a

Exporting – Sequences, Clips, and frames

Career Options:

Video Editor, Motion Graphics Artist, Presentation Specialist, Visual Designer, Animation Artist, Digital Animator, Graphic Designer, Multimedia Artist, Video Producer etc.

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