Video Editing Tips And Strategies For Different Industries

Video editing is something that is easy to learn if you have experts who can guide you and show you the way to become a video editor. There is a difference between learning video editing skills and making a career out of it. Just learning and having knowledge of adequate software applications is not enough to be a successful video editor. To become a successful video editor, you need to know the ongoing trends and what is required in the industry.

Post Production experts and video editors are required in diverse industries to create engaging content for their audience. The requirement for skilled editors is just not as we think is limited to the film and entertainment industry. Hence, after completing your video editing training in Delhi, you can work in industries such as e-commerce, gaming, animation, education, food, tourism, and the list goes on and on. 

As per the data shared by Labour Market Insights, film and video editors mainly join the following industries after successful training:

  • Education and training industry
  • Telecommunications, Information and Broadcasting media
  • Services sector: scientific, technical or professional services

Top Video Editing Tips and Strategies For Different Industries

Every industry has its own strategies to connect with its audience. This is no different for video editors as well. For every video editor, it is important to follow a different approach as per the needs of the industry they are looking for. This blog highlights some of the strategies that a video editor should stick to according to the industry they are working in. 

1. E-commerce industry and online retail industry

One of the industries that is booming is the e-commerce industry and by 2027 e-commerce sales will account for 23% of global sales. With the increase in the number of online customers on a daily basis, the requirement for skilled video editors to create content for consumers has significantly increased. 

E-commerce industries require skilled video editors who can create content to educate customers about the product.

Video editors must highlight the benefits as well as features of the product and how the product can solve the problem of the consumer. They can create a video that states the USPs of the product and how the product of a certain brand is different from its competitor. Doing this can highly increase the chances of increasing sales and revenue.

2. Entertainment Industry

The entertainment industry undoubtedly takes the lead, given that its initial stages revolve around video footage. This creates a substantial demand for skilled video editors who can add that touch of magic to bring stories to life. The entertainment and film industry is all about storytelling. In order to ensure that the content reaches and connects with the audience, video editors have an important part to play. 

Video editors should create content that is not only captivating but to which the audience can connect and the spark and excitement remain till the end. 

A pro tip for this would be to use better sound effects, audio, and animation so that it offers an outstanding experience for the audience that is memorable.

3. Tourism Industry

You would hardly find anyone in the present who does not like traveling and exploring. With well-edited videos, audience can get a better idea about the places for tourism shown in the videos and this lead to likelihood of better conversion. An eye-catching image of the place with a captivating video can definitely persuade the audience to book their tickets and pack their bags. 

Here are some stats that make it even more clear for you:

  • Almost 74% of business travelers and around 62% of leisure travelers express a desire to watch a video before making their final decision on booking.
  • Almost 3/5ths of people watch travel videos to decide where to go, what to do, or which brand to choose.

Source: Google

With their editing techniques, video editors can enhance the quality of the videos and make the place look more vibrant. They can attract the attention of the viewers and make them more curious wanting them to know more about the place. This is what video bloggers mostly do. You can use editing techniques such as slow motion, time-lapse, color grading, and relatable audio. 

4. Food and Beverage Industry

What comes to your mind when you see an advertisement by MacDonald?  You just would want to simply grab a meal and have it. This is the impact a skilled video editor can make as a lasting impression on people.

With the use of vibrant hues, who would not want to eat such amazing mouthwatering delicacies? As a video editor, if you are working in the food and beverage industry you can use various color effects from Lumetri Color panel using software like Premeire Pro to add better tone and feel to the clip.

Additional tips:

Some of the other techniques to use include smooth zoom transitions, ripple effect or slow motion in your videos. You can also try adding images of rich quality related to topic but make sure to add little bit of keyframe animation to them and don’t forget to add ease in and out.

5. Health and Fitness Industry

In the post-pandemic era, everybody wants to remain healthy and fit. I am sure fitness must also be included in everybody’s New Year resolution. 

As a video editor, if you want to promote fitness then the pro tip would be to create a more realistic video so that the viewers can connect with them and also try creating videos with high upbeat.

You can also include the before and after transformation and testimonials in your videos so that viewers also want to initiate the fitness process.

Additional tip:
Try adding effects like character intro while presenting the testimonials as it gives a different look to the entire video.

6. Education industry

With platforms like YouTube, education has become way more easier. In the pandemic and post pandemic era, we have seen an increase in the number of people willing to pursue online education. It is also seen that people find educational videos a bit boring and they lose interest and do not watch till the end. 

To make this effective, it's crucial to clearly outline the purpose that the educational video aims to fulfill.  Moreover, to create more engaging content so that learners actually watch the entire video, you can use animation, narration, and eye-catching visual aids in the videos  Additionally, as a video editor, it is important to ensure that the video is entertaining and also sticks to its purpose too. 

Additional tips:
You can add subtitles and also simplify the concepts by adding graphics for the viewers. Take help from the motion graphics templates on Mixkit. Available set of tempaltes are free of cost and helpful in making the video engaging.


Creating impactful videos requires a lot of effort and hard work for video editors to put in. As a video editor, after working in different industries, I have shared tips related to video editing that might help you in your career and excel in the industry in which you are currently working. 

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