pros and cons of online video editing courses

Pros And Cons Of Pursuing Online Video Editing Courses

Hello readers, in today’s blog we are going to explore the pros and cons of purusing online video editing courses. The present era is all about learning new skills and there is no barrier in it. Technologies are being upgraded and evolved with time and we can say the post-pandemic era is all about digital revolution. 

There are better opportunities that you can consider these days to earn new skills and the best part is you do not have to go anywhere and you can learn smartly with internet access and electronic gadgets.

Why are video editing skills in demand?

The stats say all here:

As per the data, the demand for video editors is expected to grow by 12% from 2023 to 2026. Not only this most companies and marketers rely more on videos as compared to any other medium for advertising their services and products. Report also says that in the upcoming years between 2024 to 2032 the employment rate for video editors will grow by 7% which is no doubt a good number.

Benefits of investing in video editing skills 

Video editing skills are one of the most sought-after and in-demand skills that can offer your best career opportunities. It could be a valuable investment as you learn skills that stay with you throughout life and that make you financially stable. Video editing skills can add to your skill sets and offer you better opportunities in the industry.

Your Path to Mastering Video Editing 

Attaining the required skills is not a big deal anymore as Post Production Institute offers top-notch programs for you. Our institute works on developing your sense to design and edit and boost your technical and creative skills to the fullest. There are professionals to guide you at every point you need help. The courses can be pursued online as well as offline through the use of technology and the Internet.

In short, you can attain the most out of our top features: 

  • Focus on developing design and editing sense
  • Boosting technical and creative skills
  • Building strong portfolio
  • Guidance from industry professionals

Online vs. Offline Video Editing Courses: Making an Informed Decision 

As a beginner in video editing, you must be confused about whether you should go for offline or online video editing courses. No worries! In the upcoming section of the blog, we are going to discuss the pros as well as the cons of pursuing online video editing training in Delhi. It will try to address all of your concerns and help you in making informed decisions. 

Pros and Cons of Pursuing Online Video Editing Courses

Let’s start with the pros first.

Pros of Pursuing Online Video Editing Training

Before we move ahead for pros, here are some stats that make things clear for you.

  • Almost half of all students (49%) globally have tried online learning
  • In the entire education industry, online learning has boomed a lot, growing a whopping 900% since it first started in 2000!
  • 70% of students think online learning is better than the old-school classroom setup
  • By 2027, there could be a whopping 57 million online learners!

Moving on the pros now.

1. Flexibility and convenience of online learning

Learning skills online offers more flexibility to students and they can focus on learning software. With online training, students have the flexibility to participate in online video editing lessons at their convenience. This allowing them to balance other commitments and learn a valuable skill.

2. Easy Accessibility from anywhere

Online video editing courses provide you with easy accessibility. It does not matter where you are in Delhi or any other part of the world you can go for video editing training in Delhi at Post Production Institute online.

3. Cost-effectiveness compared to offline courses

Enrolling in online courses can be very cost-effective for you. You end up saving certain expenditures that you incur in traditional in-person video editing classes. Some such expenses involve commuting expenditures, accommodations, and other expenditures.

4. Industry-relevant curriculum

Post Production Institute offers an industry-relevant curriculum that makes you more proficient and skilled according to the industry. The course curriculum is regularly updated with the updation in the industry. It is more adaptable to the changing trends and evolution in the video editing industry.

5. Hands-on experience

Students at the Post Production Institute in Delhi get the best training and the opportunity to work on live projects. They get projects to apply the skills that they have learned from their trainers. This helps students grasp the concepts better.

Some of the other features of online training is that students are able to follow a self-paced learning and work on personalized attention. Not only this through online sessions, learners break the walls of geographical barriers too.

Cons of Pursuing Online Video Editing Training

  • 54% of colleges have higher fees for remote students than for in-person students.
    Source: Lumina Foundation
  • Average annual cost of online college courses exceeds $15,000.
    Source: College Navigator
  • Students spend about an hour daily watching stuff they shouldn't.
    Source: MarketScale
  • Not everyone can access online learning.
    Source: ACT Research
1. Limited face-to-face interaction with instructors

Online students due to geographical barrier or other reasons are unable to interact with their faculties and peers. This is why students face issues in doubt clarification, working in team and networking with other students.

2. Difficulty in understanding of concepts

In online classes, students sometimes face difficulty in understanding the technical concepts. They are unable to grasp the technicalities of video editing even when they have experts and video resources.

3. Potential technical challenges with online platforms

Online students rely on technology to continue their classes. Due to technological barriers such as internet connection, their studies might be impacted. Therefore, issues related to technology and glitches are the most common issues most students face in their online training.

4. Need for self-discipline and motivation in online learning

Visiting an educational institute and learning concepts offers a better environment for students to learn new concepts. The lack of focus and discipline at their place can be a distraction for students and they might end up hampering their studies.


The decision to pursue offline or online video editing courses must be the sole decision of the students. The decision must be made after understanding all the pros and cons. However, if you have expert guidance, a reliable online platform, and self-discipline, pursuing an online video editing course can be the best decision.

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