Best Courses in Post Production Industry After College

The growing innovation of digital technology in media has changed the perspective on audio post-production for film and television. The post-production industry is now driven by the advent of digital audio, video, and effects within digital audio workstations.

Despite this imploding digital revolution, the one thing that remains consistent is the need for individuals thoroughly educated in the process and applications of this technology and evolving into technicians with creative problem-solving skills. Joining Audio Video Editing Institute will help individuals in getting an opportunity to work on real-world production skills in an authentic production environment.

Importance of Post Production Courses

The main goal of these courses is to provide a cohesive overview of film and television with emphasis on direction and production. Students will develop skills in post-production, filmmaking, ideas generation, creative and technical post-production. They will receive a overall working knowledge of scheduling and budgeting as well. At the end of the courses, they will create and produce short films, documentaries, and music videos. Value additions will be in terms of appreciation of this medium through special workshops, industry trips, and guest lecturers.

Courses Offered by Post Production Institute

Post Production Institute, one of the best college for diploma courses India blend academic theory with practical skills to equip students with the on-set knowledge they need to find a job in the competitive field of cinematography and postproduction. Students learn the professional skills necessary to become a filmmaker, video editor or who can create the unique visual language of a film, television show, or web series. Students will work on each other’s' productions and receive practical experience that helps to prepare upon entering the film and media industry.

These courses are spread over a duration of 4 or 18 months. Learn from industry experienced professionals in a collaborative environment, and quickly gain the firm grounding and practical skills you need to achieve your goals to launch straight into the industry.

Some of the courses offered are:

  • Post Production Master Plus: It is an advanced level diploma course that provides high-quality training to individuals who wants to discover several career options in Television, Movies, Gaming, Graphics and Web Industry.
  • Post Production Master: It is a long-term diploma course which will impart training related to theory lessons about art & design, film, and storytelling, and hands-on practical lessons in foundations of motion graphics and compositing.
  • Post Production Premium: This course will focus on non-linear editing techniques, including engineering, media management, and digital video effects, using footage.
  • Post Production Standard: It is short-term certificate course which will focus on all the vital fundamentals of Video Graphics and Non-Linear Editing (NLE). Students will learn latest trends of the post-production industry, basic principles, and techniques of audio and video editing.

Please find all the differences between all the courses in Post Production:

Course Name Post Production Master Plus Post Production Master Post Production Premium Post Production Standard
Duration 18 months 12 months 6 months 4 months
Training Mode Classroom Online & Classroom Online & Classroom Online & Classroom
Pre-requisites 10+2 or equivalent 10+2 or equivalent 10+2 or equivalent 10+2 or equivalent
Semester 3 semesters 2 semesters NA NA
Modules 6 modules 4 modules 3 modules 2 modules
Visual Grammar Yes Yes Yes Yes
Art and Sketching Classes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Adobe Photoshop Yes Yes Yes Yes
Adobe Illustrator Yes Yes    
Adobe Audition Yes Yes   Yes
Adobe Bridge Yes Yes Yes Yes
Adobe Premiere Pro Yes Yes Yes Yes
Adobe Media Encoder Yes Yes Yes Yes
Apple Final Cut Pro x Yes Yes    
Apple Compressor Yes Yes    
Adobe After Effects Yes Yes    
Apple Motion Yes Yes    
Eyeon Fusion Yes Yes    
Cinema 4D Yes Yes    
Film Making Basics Yes      
Techniques of Production, Post Production, and Distribution Yes      
Short Film Making Yes      
Portfolio Development Yes Yes Yes Yes
Resume Development Yes Yes Yes Yes
Interview Preparation Yes Yes Yes Yes
Placement Support Yes Yes Yes Yes
Professional Development Program Yes Yes Yes Yes
Diploma/Certificate Diploma Diploma Diploma Diploma

India’s film and tv industry is expanding to newer, wider horizons and gaining a bigger audience rapidly. The post-production professionals are the heart of any cinematic project and there is an increasing demand for skilled professionals in digital film editing who have the benefit of professional training under their belts and can be trusted as soon as they enter the industry.

Post Production Institute helps turn students from hopefuls looking to join the industry into polished professionals ready to take on any editing challenge thrown at them. If you want to make a career in media industry, then our diploma and certificate courses in post-production are the perfect springboard for you. For any queries write to us in the comments section below or get in touch with our counselors at 9911-782-350.

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