Best Visual Effects Courses to Pursue a Good Career in India

Visual Effects (VFX) is a process of creating imagery content into live action shot in film making. It involves the integration of special effects and digital effects to create an environment that looks realistic, it could be expensive and time-consuming or sometimes impossible to capture it on films. Most of the visual effect work complete in three stages i.e. pre-production, production, and post-production.

In the first stage, it is carefully planned considering the project in mind, then sketch the layout accordingly. After that in the second stage, everything choreographed and filmed as per the planned layout. Later in the third stage of post-production, visual effects are executed by using tools and technologies such as graphic designs, animation software, etc.

VFX is an integral part of the storyline and appeal in the movie. It enhances the live action footage. Visual effects usually combine artistic as well as technical aspects that integrated computer-generated imagery (CGI) with live action footage.

Some of the Best Visual Effects Courses in India

Post Production Institute aims for training individuals at an expert level in VFX by furnishing training by experts. The visual effects courses offered by our training institute are highly professional and comprise of the industry-relevant course curriculum.

Visual Effect Master Course is a 12 months diploma course which is planned to build up not only technical but also artistic capabilities in visual effects by working on leading tools. This course is available on both weekdays as well as weekends. This course will make you able to work on creative processes.

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Visual Effects Course Outcomes

  • You will develop designing sense by exploring visual designing, and motion graphics
  • You will learn to apply advanced compositing and motion graphics techniques which relates to both 2d and 3d animation.
  • You will have real-world skills on industry renowned applications like Autodesk Maya.
  • Becoming familiar with the camera, lighting, texturing, rendering, and 3d modeling.

After completing this course there are lots of career opportunities waiting ahead for you. Let’s have a look some of the career options which are given below.

Career Opportunities in Visual Effects Training

Visual effects (VFX) open immense opportunities for you like:

  • Post-production work
  • Motion Graphic artist
  • Visual effect (VFX) artist
  • Compositor
  • Digital compositor
  • Digital effect animator
  • Matte painter
  • Lighting artist
  • Texturing artist
  • Visual Effect Director
  • Match moving artist
  • Modeling artist
  • Visual effect supervisor
  • Roto artist
  • Environmental builder and so on…

Best Training Institute for VFX Courses

One of the most prominent visual effect institutes is Post Production Institute in Rohini. It is one of the channel branch of ADMEC Multimedia Institute which itself a pioneer multimedia institute. It does exist since the year 2008 with the purpose of providing exclusive and extensive knowledge of post-production. Visual effects come under post-production that occurs in film making. The required skills are recording, video editing, sound mixing or editing, motion graphics, 2D, 3D VFX, compositing, matte painting, particle effect, etc.

This Post Production Institute in Delhi has professional post production courses to make the students well-skilled professional in their respective. This institute works exclusively for the benefits of student and updates its infrastructural facilities for its students. They will update and prepare their student as per the industry requirements. They help you to achieve professional and creative goals through a planned curriculum and training methodology.

The Post Production Institute focus on

  • The advanced training on computer software by industry experts.
  • Workshops that consists of visual grammar and user experience learning process.
  • Sketching classes from veteran artists to improve the creative skills in you.

Through this visual effect master course, you can build up tangible as well as visual exploration skills by working on various creative projects. It also helps to develop the visual observation skills via drawing, perspective aspect, its structure & form, coloring & shading techniques, exploring storytelling, storyboarding, camera angle & lighting techniques are such key elements to study in visual effects training.

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