What are the Common Job Oriented Adobe Courses Offered in Designing and Editing?

If you are looking to pursue a career in video editing or designing, but have some doubts regards the future scope of job opportunities in both the field, then don’t worry this blog will clear all your doubts in mind. It will help you decide which Adobe courses in Delhi you should pursue for your bright future.

What is Video Editing and Designing?

Designing is the process of creating an impactful message via text, images, and audio files. This type of messages can be easily conveyed by creating logos, leaflets, posters, product or company brochures, newsletters, websites, videos, and much more.

Video editing, on the other hand, is the integration of graphics, animation, audio, and video files to create a final output. The data in the multimedia field can be denoted digital just as opposed to traditional media.

Eligibility Criteria to Join an Adobe Course in Our Institute

Post-production institute is one of the best Adobe training institutes in Delhi which offers numerous courses in the field of designing and video editing. The courses range between the duration of 2 months to 3 years. Every course has a different set of pre-requisites. Individuals can join these courses while they are in school, college or doing their jobs.

Who can Join Adobe Courses in Delhi?

Video Editing: Individual interested in grasping working knowledge about various types of media entertainment and technology used in the film industry, interactive media, video production, and computer animation should join these courses. The program will include an emphasis on latest industry trends, technologies used, and what are the best methods to use for managing media.

Designing: If you are interested in learning latest Adobe designing applications, enhancing your knowledge about visual grammar, user experience, innovative design creation process, a lair for creating artistic designs via papers or computers, then these courses are perfect for you.

Adobe Courses in Designing and Editing Offered by Post Production Institute

All the below mentioned courses are available in both online and classroom mode. The course curriculum is same for the modes. After completion of each of the courses, a live project will be assigned to learners, and their performance will be judged by that.

Adobe Illustrator Master

illustrator logo

It is a two months short-term certificate course which includes how to produce logos, special effects, different types of layouts, and much more. If you are desiring for extremely progressive training in Adobe Illustrator classes comprises of Designing of Visiting Cards, Brochures, Envelopes, Letter Heads, etc. for companies, schools, or institutions then this is the perfect choice for both novices and professionals.

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Adobe Photoshop Master

It is a project-oriented course where every single concept is taught with the help of practical training. The individual will get an opportunity to work on live projects under the guidance of industry experts where they will work on photo editing and retouching, text effects, cut-outs, pattern creation, designing diverse backgrounds, photo manipulations, and layouting. This course will offer many prospects to make your images look stunning and eye-catchy just as done by professionals.

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Adobe After Effects Master

adobe after effects logo

It is a certificate course spread over a period of 2 months is a powerful application tool for creating VFX and Motion Graphics. It is also used to create dynamic designs for web designing, broadcasting, and film production. This course will help you master the concepts and advanced features of After Effects inclusive of tips and tricks for the newest version of the application.

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Adobe Premiere Pro Master

It is one of the powerful programs for video editing offered by Adobe. This application will help learners to create a dynamic video or film editing. It will also make them understand and work with basic through advanced concepts and features of Adobe Premiere Pro.

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Adobe Lightroom Master

adobe photoshop lightroom

It is a certificate course which offers hands-on training with the fundamentals of learning Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. Learners will learn how to import, save and name files using keywords and find out the many characteristics of the Lightroom Library and how to get the most from the Develop Module. You will also learn how to use Lightroom quickly and professionally import, manipulate and output your photos with ease.

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The demand for designers and video editors is very high in India, and it is only set to go up in the future. At least 40 % of communications that a company does with its customers is visual. Every product first needs to sell visually first before a buyer picks it up. Almost every business including media houses, publishing firms, FMCG, retail, software sector needs good designers. Besides media houses, large film studios, electronic news channel groups, one can also find wide-ranging opportunities in various production houses scattered all across the country.

The increased popularity of online video clips has also resulted in a large number of job opportunities for competent video editors. There is no shortage of jobs in both the fields, but only for trained individuals who have gone through project-based training from a professional Adobe institute in Delhi.

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