Top Free and Paid Premiere Pro Alternatives in 2022

Top Free and Paid Premiere Pro Alternatives in 2022

As a video editor, there can be various reasons to look for Premiere Pro alternatives, can’t be? Let’s first quickly have a glance at Adobe Premiere Pro once to recall what it is exactly. It's among the popular industry-standard video editing applications. The major use of Premiere Pro can be seen in the editing of TV shows, Hollywood films, and so on. It has got a wide range of panels, settings and tools to assemble different raw video clips into a master story. Because of this, it has got so much popularity in the market and has become a well-known editing program.

Yet, not everyone likes to work on Premiere Pro for variety of reasons. The very frequent criticism comes against it are: 

  • Its prices for long-term plans are high
  • Poor customer support from the Adobe’s team
  • Slow performance
  • Complex to use for novice video editors

We got plenty of other video editing programs as Premiere Pro alternatives.

In this blog, we’ll consider the list of top free as well as paid programs that you may wish to try. If you already feel comfortable while working with Premiere then you may like to master it by joining complete Adobe Premiere online course at our Video Editing Institute in Delhi.

Best free and paid Premiere Pro alternatives

Apple Final Cut Pro or FCP

Quick Details

  • Developer: Apple Inc.
  • Platform: macOS
  • Price: US $299.99
  • Best For: Professionals and post-production teams

Key features: Object tracker, cinematic mode, motion graphics, color grading, audio editing, plugins, multicam, HDR editing, and many more.

Downside: It doesn’t run on Windows and other operating systems except macOS.

Final cut pro is as much popular as Adobe Premiere Pro. It comes with low prices as compare to Premiere Pro application. It offers a simple and easy to use interface. Final Cut Pro is good for producing detailed and high class videos at a faster rate. It has 64 angles and multi camera options with magnetic timeline to work on. Its free version is available.

Interested in FCP? You check our master course that is available on both classroom and online modes. Check the details here: Online Final Cut Pro Course. Please note, it is available on classroom training mode too.

Also check motion program offered by our online motion graphic institute in Delhi to get training on Apple Motion along with FCP.


Quick Details

  • Developer: Jonathan Thomas
  • Platform: Linux, Mac, and Windows
  • Price: Free
  • Best For: Beginner editors and YouTubers

Key features: Unlimited video tracks, time effects, video effects, available in 70+ languages, keyframe animations, and audio waveforms. 

Downside: It’s rendering speed is slow and crashes very often.

Initially, it was launched on Linux platform and later introduced on Mac OS and Windows.  It has got easy and quick to learn controls to edit clips for beginners. You can add cut on any clip easily. There is no need to be proficient in any other program to learn this software.


Quick Details

  • Developer: KDE
  • Platform: Windows and Linux
  • Price: Free 
  • Best For: Novice video editors

Key features: use almost any video and audio file format, customizable interface, proxy editing, automatic backup, free online resources files to download.

Downside: slow performance and limited editing options.

Its full name is KDE Non-Linear Video Editor. Kdenlive is actually an acronym of its full name. In order to work on this editing program, you don’t have to go for special training. It comes with a user manual that you can access from its official site. This manual has everything to learn about Kdenlive. 


Quick Details

  • Developer: Dan Dennedy, LLC
  • Platform: Linux, Windows, and Mac
  • Price: Free
  • Best For: entry-level users who are getting their hands started on editing of videos

Key features: broad range of file formats is available and good for editing 4K.

Downside: Limited transitions, interface seems a bit confusing for a beginner and export presets for different devices are not available. 

It is quite good to edit clips at starting level. Beginners can use to understand how editing happens.


Quick Details

  • Developer: Apple Inc.
  • Platform: macOS, iOS, and iPadOS devices
  • Price: Free
  • Best For: Beginners

Key features: green screen effects, add titles, high‑fidelity filters, soundtracks, screen effects, depth-of-field effect, etc.

Downside: iMovie is not an ideal option when it comes to editing large projects since it doesn’t have required features, controls and tools. Also it requires lot of storage space.

It is one of the easiest editing programs to try for free if you are a beginner and just starting into video editing.


Quick Details

  • Developer: FXhome Limited
  • Platform: Windows and MacOS
  • Price: Free
  • Best For: Beginners only

Key features: essential editing controls, motion tracking, color grading, keying, lighting lens flares, etc.

Downside: Mostly advanced features are paid.

It is a beginner level software application for all aspirants who are looking for starting into video editing. It comes with super easy options like trimming, cutting, filtering, and mixing of the videos. It has also 2d/3d compositing features. 

Avid Media Composer

Quick Details

  • Developer: Avid Technology
  • Platform: Windows and Mac
  • Price: US$34.99/ Per Month
  • Best For: Professional, amateur editors and post-production teams

Key features: multicam editing, plugins to add special effects, up to 64 tracks sound tracks, create custom workspaces.

Downside: It is an expensive program to purchase and not useful for small editing projects. 

Interested in learning post production? Check our advanced video editing course in Delhi that covers both video and motion graphics part to make you ready for post-production.


Quick Details

  • Developer: Wondershare
  • Platform: Mac and Windows
  • Price: US$19.99/monthly
  • Best For: Novice and semi-professional video editors

Key features: speech to text converter, text to speech converter, audio visualizer, VFX plugins, free stock media and smart templates to use. Filmora is available on all devices from desktop to iPad to mobile phones.

Downside: Audio and color grading features are limited to some extent. There are many pay-to-use features added into the paid version. 

Filmora is an ideal program to edit videos if you are a beginner or have some basic editing experience. It has various versions available for mobile, templates and desktops. It also offers tools for green screens and color grading. It has simple and easy to learn interface. You will get regular update in it that gives more access for producing high class video.  

Mostly beginner editors are moving towards learning editing for YouTube. If you are one of them then you must think about attending video editing classes in Delhi from PPI to get skills required to become a YouTuber.

DaVinci Resolve

Quick Details

  • Developer: Blackmagic Design
  • Platform: Windows, macOS, Linux
  • Price: US$383.57 (onetime payment mode)
  • Best For: Experienced video editors and post-production teams

Key features: It is an all in one tool for editing, special effects, motion graphics, color grading, and audio post production. It also has a wide formats support. DaVinci Resolve comes with multi-user collaboration too.

Downside: There is no monthly subscription plans available. It doesn’t run smoothly and crashes a lot on desktop.

This software has started it journey as the color grading application. But with many updates; it is considered as the best non-linear editing software application in the market used in the editing of Hollywood movies and TV shows by professionals.

Vegas Pro

Quick Details

  • Developer: VEGAS Creative Software
  • Platform: Windows
  • Price: US $19.99​/month
  • Best For: Video and audio professionals

Key features: Sound design, HDR color correction, live streaming, wide range of formats, etc.

Downside: Slow rendering and it requires speedy computer to take out the render of small projects.

Vegas Pro is specially designed for video and audio editing. It has all the basic editing controls that you require to edit clips.


This is the list of most popular video editing software applications as free and paid Premiere Pro alternatives. We’ve gone through the basics details of every program. You may have liked the features of one program over other in the given list. 

You are free to pick up the one that goes with your needs. Mostly beginners go for free programs mentioned above like iMovie and hitflim. For professionals, FCPX, DaVinci and Avid Media Composer are ideal options. Also, you can’t just decide by looking at the facts and details. Just try them all once and experience their interface yourself.

If you are planning to start from right software application to walk on the career path then you can consider checking programs at our institute which cover advanced level video editing training in Delhi under the guidance of experts.

At the end, I hope you will get informative knowledge from this blog that you are looking for.

Thanks for reading.

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