Importance of Colors for a Design

If you're a video editor, 3d animator, vfx artist or motion graphic artist then knowledge of colors would be very beneficial for you to create a wonderful design. Colors play very important part in video editing, and post production. Colors are the essential elements for any design. With the use of right color in designs one can make legend designs. Colors are equally essential for an 3d animator, video editor, post production artist and VFX artist.

It doesn't matter how expert you are in your video editing softwares. Lack of knowledge in color balancing can demolish any design pattern. A video editor, 3d animator, visual effects artist can make his/her video or design more glorious with the right color choice. Color grading and color correction are the very important part of video editing and post production which can't be done without the knowledge of colors.

Why Colors are Important for a Design?

Colors are the primary part of a design whether you are working on Adobe Premiere Pro for video editing or on Adobe Illustrator.

Not only this, every color carries a different meaning e.g. Warm color show excitement, optimism, and creativity; cool color symbolize peace, calmness, and harmony. Thus choosing the right color is a big task. The colors in your design should have a purpose and meaning to make it better and meaningful.

Top reasons why you should use colors in a design.

Colors Improve the Object identification

  • To improve the meaning
  • To convey structure
  • To set up the identity
  • Color elicits symbolism
  • To enhance the usability
  • To communicate modes
  • To show links
  • To express figure of speech

The most common colors are blue, red, green, yellow, pink, black etc. Blue is the most popular color, red and green colors are least popular as compare to blue. Yellow is not very popular, only 5% of people preferred this color.

Meaning of most common colors with suitable example.

1. Red Color (primary color):

  • It is a warm color. It associated with fire anger, love, passion.
  • In history it’s been associated with Devil &Cupid. Red color can have physical effect on people.


  • This red color shows the royalty.
  • The bright pinkish red color shows the passionate.

Meaning of Red Color

  • The meaning of color is associated with stop. It is very strong color. It is basically use for warning.
  • Red color is warm and positive color that is associated with our physical needs. It is energetic color.
  • It can improve the self-confidence. Being surrounded by too red color make us irritable, angry etc. In India culture red color mean purity and is often use in wedding dresses.

Red Shades

1. Light red: - it represents passion, sensitivity and love.

2. Pink: - it hi light the female qualities.

3. Dark red: - it is associated with anger, rage, willpower, energy etc.

How Red Color Affects?

Provide a sense of security & protection.

Stimulate energy and increase level of blood pressure.


2. Blue (primary color)
Blue is associated with calm, peace, sadness, virgin, strength, reliability & safety.


Meaning of Blue Color

  • It is cool and calming color because it shows creativity and intelligence.
  • Blue is most popular color among large companies, hospitals, & airlines because it symbolizes loyalty, strength and truth. Blue is sincere, reserved, and quiet. Blue seeks peace and promote physical and mental relaxation. It is good at one-way communication, especially communication with your voice.

Blue Shades
Light blue: it represents health, healing & understanding.
Dark blue: it represents knowledge, power, & integrity.

How Blue Color Affects?

1. Opening up communication

2. Provides a feeling of coolness & peace.


  • Different shades of blue color are used it a trustworthy, energetic & refreshing.

3. Yellow (primary color)

Yellow is often considered the brightest and most energizing of the warm colors. It also associated with happiness, sunshine, hope, danger.


  • Yellow color is used for warning.
  • Toy fight uses light yellow color because it shows simplicity & straightforward.

Meaning of Yellow color

  • It is bright color. Yellow color meaning represents youth, joy, fun, sunshine etc. It is cheerful and energetic color.
  • The yellow color is basically used for children's toys and dresses. The color yellow related to learning purpose. The yellow color help to find new way of doing things. And also help to make decision. It has a tendency to make you more analytical and mentally critical.

Yellow Shades

1. Dark yellow: It represents jealousy, decay and disease.

2. Light yellow: It represents intelligence & joy.

How Yellow Color Affects?

1. Encourage for communication.

2. Concentration & sharpness memory.


4. Green Color

Meaning of green color

  • Green is the color of nature and health. It represents growth, nature etc.
  • It is often to represent anything which is related to the health. Green color is emotionally positive which gives ability to take care of ourselves and others unconditionally. It has the strong sense of right and wrong and good judgment.

Green Shades

1. Dark green: It represents ambition, greed and jealousy.

2. Yellow green: it represents sickness, discord etc.

3. Sea green: it represents protection.

How Green Color Affects?

1. Provide both mentally and physically relaxation.

2. Provide a sense of freedom and self-control.


5. Purple Color

Meaning of Green color

  • Purple color is the combination of blue and red. It is associated with royalty. It is basically used to represent the mystery, magic & luxury. It is related to the imagination.
  • Purple & pink are mostly used for the females, mostly for teenage girls. The p combination of purple & yellow are used for the children’s product.
  • It shows the uniqueness, inspiration etc.

How Purple Color Affects?

1. Encourage for imagination and creativity.



Colors are indeed a very important part of all the types of designing fields such as graphic design, visual effects, 3d animation, video editing etc. They also affect our designs to a lot of extent. Colors carry an emotional vibe with them so when we see colors we have an emotional response towards them. We are a visual society where people give enormous importance on the visual presentation of the services or event they are interested in. Colors present a sense of direction also. Colors show what we want to say without any words and it makes very attractive design.

Our institute takes pride in teaching this one of the most important design elements to our students at our design training center in Delhi. We teach complete visual grammar to our students to a full extent through theoretical and practical sessions. This is one of our visual designing grammar blogs, hope you enjoyed it.

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