Best Video Editing Course to Get Your Dream Job

Thinking that you want to work in a creative industry and you don’t know where to start from. You have ambiguity in your mind that which course you should choose after graduation. Which one would be best in order to acquire different domain knowledge which could make you expertise.

Video Editing Industry is one of the most fastly growing industry which has ton of career opportunities. Many institutes in Delhi NCR and in all over India are imparting Video Editing courses. In this blog we have most common diploma and certificate programs which can give you your dream job.

The diploma and certificate courses after graduation, available for different segments. These job-oriented programs also help professionals to upgrade their skills and move up the corporate ladder. These career advancement programs set professionals on the path of continuous learning, helping them upgrade their skills on a continuous basis and build expertise in the latest technologies of tomorrow.

Search here for the right decision to give wings to our career.

Job Oriented Courses in Video Editing Training

Though there are numerous programs in video editing which are spread over duration of one month to two years. If you want to diversify your career in Television, Films, Sound, Video Games, and Multi Billion Advertising industry, then these are the courses that best will satisfy your needs.

Adobe Premiere Pro Course: It is a 2 months certificate training program in video editing. It covers managing assets, importing tape less media, capturing, shooting videos, creating cut-only videos etc. Our Premiere Pro classes conducted by industry professionals to hard core your skills to the industry level.

Apple FCP or Final Cut Pro Course: This program is of 2 months that assist the candidate to become the master in video editing, This Final Cut Pro course will cover all the concept from basic level to advanced.

Apple FCS or Final Cut Studio Courses: It's duration is 3 months and this a package of apple fcp, motion and compressor.

Apart from this, one can also know more about standard industrial processes and will be related to collaboration and group-work.

Post Production
Post-production is an indispensable part that occurs in making of motion pictures, television programs, radio programs, videos, audio recordings, photography and digital art.

The program taught students by equipping them with basic skills in video production technology and introduces students to skills required for camera operation, lighting a film, and recording sound.
Courses of Post Production

Courses of Post Production

  • Post Production Master Plus -12 months
  • Post Production Premium-6 months
  • Post Production Standard- 4 months

Topics to be Covered in these Courses

  • Digital Design
  • Layer Based Compositing
  • Node Based Compositing
  • Sound Editing
  • Match Moving
  • Title Graphics
  • Principles of Digital Video
  • Masking and Chroma Keying

Software Taught

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Premiere
  • After Effects
  • Apple FCP
  • Adobe media encoder
  • Eye on fusion
  • Live Projects

Objectives of These Courses

  • The aim of this program is to offer hands-on introduction to the basic principles of video production and post-production.From an initial introduction of usage of operation of camera, lighting, sound, and a further introduction to the students, they will be given an opportunity to be involved in the development of a short video project.
  • Rigorous Training is provided in sound recording and preparation of scripts from an audio point.
  • Shows an awareness in the production cycle (Pre-Production, Production, Post-Production) and a way in which a short digital video project can be developed for production.
  • Demonstrate core skills in camera along with an elementary understanding of the skills required for lighting a film and recording sound.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the basic skills involved in the post-production process.
  • Making you aware of the core features and tools of FCP X.

Career Options

In this competitive arena, one can work as

  • Post Production Professional
  • Film Editor, Sound Editor
  • Digital Artist
  • 3D Modeler
  • VFX Artist
  • Technical Director
  • Visual Effects Administrator etc.

These Video Editing courses offered by Post Production Institute in video editing is designed to serve as an introductory part for the practical and post-production skills which is required for creating a digital video project. It is aimed for those who are interested in developing professionals who want to have a better understanding of the video editing elements.

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