Best new features in Adobe Illustrator

Best new features in Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is vector graphics software developed by Adobe Systems. It is mainly used by artists and graphic designers to create vector images. Its latest version is Illustrator CC 2015.3, is the twentieth generation in the product line.


It is mainly used in print and digital media for:

  • illustrations
  • charts
  • graphs
  • beautiful logos
  • complicated diagrams
  • cartoons characters, and much more

Here we are going to discuss new features for Adobe Illustrator.

1. Adobe Stock integration

The new Adobe Stock feature provide access to around 50 million excellent quality, licensed images, videos, and graphics. These images and graphics can be navigated within Libraries, without geographical restrictions or expiration dates and can be used from within Illustrator.

adobe stock

Also, search option for an asset on Adobe Stock is available, in addition to downloading feature the asset to your Desktop or CC Library, it can also be directly placed the asset in the respective document.

2. Faster than previous versions

Adobe Illustrator CC has received a remarkable performance increase in Creative Cloud release. It’s all because of Mercury Performance System boost that it's now 10 times faster as compared to CS6 – by making panning and scrolling both faster and smoother.

Mercury 0

3. Enhanced Zoom magnification feature

Zoom magnification limit has increased to 64,000 per cent from 6,400 per cent limit. It means you can create and edit with greater precision. To verify it perform the following action.

Select the zoom tool (Z), and do one of the following:

For zoom in: Press and hold down the mouse button, then drag the pointer to the right.

For zoom out: Press Alt and hold down the mouse button, then drag the pointer to the left.

4. Chart Tool

A preview of a new Chart interface will help in creating custom graphs, charts and infographics – instead of using the presets – and can be shared with others via CC Libraries.

5. Updated Live Shapes and Transform Panel


Different shape tools like rectangle, ellipse, polygon, line etc. can now be in adjustable form and offers a steady visual experience as compared to previous versions.

Let’s explain it in a better way using by drawing a rectangle.

Drawing Rectangle

live shapes

When you draw using the rectangle or rounded rectangle tools, four corner widgets will appear. Drag a corner widget to change the corner. If it is dragged for too far, then a red arc will appear indicating a maximum corner radius.

Eight bounding box handle will appear nearby the rectangle. Rectangle can be scaled by dragging a handle. Move the cursor far from a box handle the rotate icon can be seen; then drag to rotate.


Corner controls will be hide automatically if shapes are scaled to small sizes. The controls will reappear if shapes are scaled again and can be accessed using the Direct Selection tool. The center point widget helps in to locate the shape's center—to help position and align objects to the centers.

6. Fast export of assets and artboards

New Export feature makes fast exporting of assets and artboards. Select individual assets from single or more artboards, and one click can export them to multiple sizes, formats and resolutions in just one go.


7. Large Libraries Panel

Computer screens with huge screens more than 1680px, the Libraries panel will now open in a larger form, stretching vertically along the right corner of the screen.

Adobe Illustrator has been a great program in graphic designer for a while now and it is still one of the best options available. We hope this blog will help you learn the new features in Adobe Illustrator CC 2015. Knowledge about these will be an added advantage from professional as well interview point of view. It’s always advisable to get updated with the latest technologies and their features. Explore these new features and share your views in the comments section below.

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