Best After Effects Course to Learn Motion Graphics and Compositing

In the world of imagination, Adobe’s After Effects is known as a synonym of motion graphics and compositing. It has everything that you need to move your ideas on the digital screen. There is no doubt that this is the industry leading tool for every video editor and post production artist. And one who is dreaming to become an editor or production artist should always concur with the demand of industry and learn this versatile software. To learn this software joining a right After Effects course is a painstaking task. Thus, it is always good to be fastidious while joining any After Effects training institute.

In this blog, we are going to look at the Adobe After Effects Master course offered by Post Production Institute so that you can decide what you should look for in the course while joining.

Duration of the program

The time period of any program matters a lot for the aspirant. It takes approx. 2 months to cover up all the essential tools and options given in the After Effects because of its versatility. It is not always recommended to go for any crash course of 10 days or less than a month unless it becomes very urgent for you. So, make sure to join a complete course of 2 to 4 months to learn in a better way. And that is why we have planned our master course time period 2 months.

Must learn tools and topics in After Effects course

Must learn tools

As we know that this is a dense application, you should be prepared to cover up all of its important aspects and tools. With our right course content we always focus on steering the training in the right direction by providing dedicated classes and practical examples of the following tools which are no doubt must to cover:

  • Pen Tool
  • Shape and Solid Layers
  • Null Layers
  • Track Mattes
  • Pre-composing
  • Adjustment Layers
  • Blending Modes
  • Pick Whip
  • Cameras
  • Graph Editor and many more to add yet

Must learn topics

Here are some of the important topics that we are offering and every course needs to cover up:

  • How to animate titles
  • How to work with key frames to create motion
  • How to change an ordinary scene into a majestic one by adding different exciting effects.
  • How to work with white board animation
  • How to play around the 3D design using 3D Transform Gizmo
  • How to work with rotoscoping using the power of AI, etc.

Real-time examples

For each and every student, working on real time examples is in fact a weighty approach to grab the knowledge speedily. This is what makes a rejuvenated learning with fun. So, don’t forget to look for this method in the training mythology of the After Effects training institute, you’ll be joining. We understand its importance and offer real time examples in each and every class.

Project training period

It is one of the most vital parts of our training since it reflects and opens your eyes. With project training, you can analysis what you have learnt and where do you stand at the moment. Thus it becomes, crucial to attend live project training for all students.

After looking for these points and understanding the features of ideal courses, you can decide and get yourself enrolled in a right After Effects training institute. We are very well aware with the above given points and prepared our course curriculum in the same way. Post Production Institute had been offering training in motion graphics and compositing for last decade and understands the need of the industry.

To know more about our course, you can always head to After Effects Master Course page where we have clearly given the important program structure.

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