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Premiere Pro Quiz for Beginners

This quiz helps us to increase our knowledge

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When shooting footage of a person for chroma-keying, which two backgrounds are most commonly used?

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Which image mode is bestfor creating video graphics in Photoshop and importing them into Adobe Premiere Pro?

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Premiere Pro can't automatically saves a backup copy of your project file while you work, in case of system failure.

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Are there any limits to the kinds of clips you can use as a reference for the Track Matte Key effect?

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Premiere Pro project files have the file extension.

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You can use DV and HDV sources with Premiere Pro if your computer has a FireWire port.

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Which panel displays a representation of what your final program will look like?

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For which two reasons should you use a transition?

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You can save any customized workspace by choosing Window > Workspaces > Save as New Workspace.

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What is not a purpose of color grading?

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You can change the font size in the Project panel by clicking the panel menu and choosing Font Size > Small, Medium (default), Large, or Extra Large.

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Which term descirbes text that moves horizontally over footage?

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Which methods could you use to import a single video, image, or audio file into Adobe Premiere Pro?

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Press the ` (grave) key or use the panel menu to restore the Media Browser to its original size. Then switch to the Project panel.

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A tool that allows you to batch process files to produce content for any screen from Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects.

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The Program Monitor (on the right) is for viewing your current sequence.

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Does Premiere Pro CC need to convert P2, XDCAM, or AVCHD footage when it is imported?

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Can you make time-remapping changes directly on the Timeline?

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Which option lets you export a single frame from the source Monitor or Program Monitor panel?

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Premiere Pro is a nonlinear and linear editing system (NLE).

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