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Differences Between VFX and Post Production

Differences Between VFX and Post Production

VFX stands for Visual Effects. These are the imageries which are created in post-production. In essence, they are an image that appears in a film that could not be photographed during primary cinematography for whatever reason. Examples of VFX would be fantastical creatures whose physiology makes it impossible to create them via a “man in a monster costume”, sets that are too large and expensive to build physically or stunts that are so dangerous it’s safer to produce them in post-production via various means.

Visual Effects– Promising a Bright Future

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Visual effects industry in India is booming in a major mode. Although it is not as popular as the VFX industry internationally, but it is still gaining popularity with the new generation here in India. While mostly people prefer watching these effects take shape on the screen, some like to find out how visual effects work through a visual effects course.

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